Rainbow pencils

This is an old draft from early January that for some reason was abandoned. Fun with rainbow pencils from my sketchbook.




I need to do a big scan again before uni starts back next week.

Let’s Play Video Games!

Its Friday! So you know what that means? FAN ART. Sorry about the iPhone photo, I didn’t feel like getting the scanner out for one picture.


I love BMO. Such a cute fun character.
Now I think I’m going to take BMO’s advice and go play some games.

How do you solve a problem like Maria?

I really miss going to life drawing. It starts up again in a week or two. In the meantime here are some of my drawings of the model, Maria, from the last time I went to life drawing in November.

The hands are my favourite part of this sketch.




Fan Art Friday!

Is that a thing? Maybe it should be. I guess I should probably draw some more then so I can make it a thing. I could also probably track down some childhood drawings to share as well. I used to always draw my favourite cartoons. It hasn’t changed much.

Gir! Probably one of my favourite characters ever. Why yes I did used to wear Emily the Strange, Paul Frank and rainbow plastic beads all the time when I was younger. I actually went to the mall to shop though.

Jhonen Vasquez has a great style. I’d love to see Johnny the Homicidal Maniac animated (yeah yeah I know I was the stereotypical 90’s/2000’s emo kid).

The watercolours from the next page bled through and that kind of bugs me. I need to stop worrying about this so much. Its just my visual diary, I need to learn to enjoy the little mistakes.


I’m not really a big Pokemon fan. They’re fun to draw though. I also wanted to play with my rainbow pencil.


Lumpy Space Princess is another character I really love. Adventure Time is super rad. I love the colours and stories and how can a cartoon be so sad sometimes? Ice King is always breaking my heart.

As you can see I found a different kind of rainbow pencil. Its got better colours, but its softer so I don’t enjoy drawing with it as much.

Hope you’re all keeping cool. I’m lucky that it doesn’t get too hot in my unit (we don’t have aircon) but I think I might need to have an ice block or two later.


“In traditional belief and fiction, a ghost (sometimes known as a spectre (British English) or specter (American English), phantom, apparition or spook) is the soul or spirit of a dead person or animal that can appear, in visible form or other manifestation, to the living.” (wikipedia)

Pitt pens on paper. Or should I say ink? Technically it is india ink.

Pitt pens and watercolour on mixed media paper.

Happy New Year!

Well 2014 is almost over and I’ve finally gotten around to doing some scanning. I have so much I’m not even scanning everything today. I’m not even sure what kind of order or how or what I should share.

I’m not going to do an overview of the year, instead I’m going to share a bunch of skulls because I think besides naked people thats what I made the most art of this year. I pretty much drew the same skull over and over again.


Playing around with watercolour and charcoal.


Pencil was probably my medium of choice for 2014.


I bought some pitt pens a little while ago and they’re pretty much my new favourite thing.


I mean besides drawing skulls. Though this rainbow pencil is pretty cool too.


And sometimes I’m funny. ha. Or I try to be.

Ok thats enough for now. I’ve got to get dressed to go to a New Year’s Eve party.

Christmas Ball Art

Sorry I still haven’t scanned anything.

I’ve been pretty busy with work. It can be really exhausting. Sometimes when its quiet though we take the time to create some art on the balls. Here’s a few that I’ve made recently.


Ice King and Pikachu would have to be my favourites.

As it gets closer to Christmas its been getting a lot busier and I don’t think I’ll have much more time for ball art.

Sorry I haven’t been updating (if anyone noticed, I’m not really sure if there is anyone sitting there holding their breathe waiting for my next update). I have so much stuff to scan. I don’t have an interesting excuse as to why I haven’t, I just haven’t felt like it. Sorry.

I’ve started my Christmas ball decorating job. Fun, glitter, stressful. So it turns out the balls are breakable. Every time a child goes near the display I tense up, someone will say “don’t touch that!” the kid touches it anyways and smash. Broken glass. But glitter!

Mostly I’m just drawing in my diary, but I’ve also been working on a candy coloured painting of one of my nude sketches. And yes of course its of Tracey. I’ve also been crocheting a little while watching tv.

Been having a bit of fun down at the gallery. There was a very successful opening the other night where I got to look at lots of paintings of skulls, eat skull shaped chocolate and drink wine while talking to people. Oh yeah and sometimes I served drinks and cleared empties. Art life is hard? Theres another opening on this Friday actually. I assume it will be much of the same, probably less skulls and I have no guarantees about the chocolate.

I’ll scan stuff soon I promise!

School’s Out For Summer!

That’s right! As of this Monday night that just passed I am done with Uni for the year. I spent all of last week finishing off artworks for my folio and writing up a few assignments. I’m relieved that it’s all over, it’ll be great to have a bit of time off, but I know in a few weeks I’ll be missing uni like crazy.

I’m working on keeping myself busy so I don’t miss it too much though. I’ve just started volunteeringĀ at a local gallery and in a few weeks I’ll start my Christmas Job – decorating custom Christmas balls! I’m going to be just covered in glitter constantly. Of course I’m also still drawing pictures all the time, I’ve got a bunch of pages in my art diary to scan up. I’ve also been toying with the idea of having a crack at NaNoWriMo and I want to start working on my crochet again (I spent a few hours tonight just untangling yarn). No rest for the wicked right?

I was kind of silly and forgot to take photos of all of my finished works for the year, I’ll just have to do that when I get my grades back and the email letting me know when to pick up my artworks.

I did rememberĀ to take this one photo while I was finishing things off.


On the left we have “La Madamoiselle” who was from the week we were working with a limited palette using only complimentary colours. On the right is a painting that was created using a monochromatic black created from mixing other colours, and of course greys by then adding white to it. I can’t remember what I named that one. I’ll find out when I get it back. I probably named it something like “skull and candle” or maybe “still life”. I’m not always original with my titles.

Well look at the time! I should probably head to bed soon, it’s going to be a struggle keeping some kind of regular sleeping schedule now that I really don’t have to!