The words are on the tips of my fingers but I’m finding it hard to find the right keys to type.

I’m still deciding what I’m doing with this blog. Originally I was just going to use it to mostly share images of what I’m working on, what I’m learning at school, things like that. But for an assignment we’ve been making an idea’s and manifesto blog which is also an interesting concept. I don’t know if i’m doing the assignment correctly but I’ve been posting all kinds of things in that blog, discussions from our class, links to things I find interesting, quotes I like, things like that.  This blog will still be art based, but I suppose it will be more than just images. I think thats what I’m trying to say. The words are on the tips of my fingers but I’m finding it hard to find the right keys to type.

Tracey and her Powerful Thighs

I finally made it back to life drawing last night for the first time in weeks. Last night’s model was a woman that I’ve drawn before, she’s probably my favourite model to draw. Tracey has the most amazing powerful thighs and beautiful full figure. I really love the way she holds herself and you can just tell that she loves her body. She’s so much fun to draw.

I also experimented a little with my drawings.

I brought my pastels along and had a play with them.

During the one minute poses I had a bit of fun with blind contour drawing.

This one was done with one continuous line. She looks a little stern, but she really wasn’t.

The rest were drawn fairly much the same as I always do.

The more I draw the more I improve. I need to work on my hands and faces though. Today at uni I was talking to a classmate and she told me of how during high school to practice drawing hands she used to look through magazines and draw every hand she could find. I think I might need to give this a go.

Observational Drawing

I think compressed charcoal and pastels might be my new favourite things to work with.

Just something from last Thursday’s class. We were asked to bring in a white object to draw. The only white things I own are my white hi-tops. We were then asked to draw three of the objects in one picture. That white sphere was a foam ball. As you can see I didn’t really enjoy drawing it.

The stuffed rabbit and the shoe have quite a bit of life to them, I’m really happy with how they look. That ball, not so much, it didn’t seem to matter what I did it just didn’t look right. Sonia, my teacher, even suggested I get rid of it because it just doesn’t work.

Call Centre Doodle

I probably should be sleeping but instead I’ve been scanning up some of the stuff from my sketchbooks. Its mostly a mix of life drawing and doodles from when I was working in a call centre. It made being on the phone and saying the same thing over and over again a lot more interesting.

Especially when I was drawing weird things like this. I have no idea what it is really, I just remember that I doodled on this one for a couple of days in a row.

Alright I’m really going to bed now.


I started my Bachelor of Creative Arts Industries three weeks ago and figured I should have a blog to post some of my work.

One of my classes is Painting and Drawing. We’ve really been going back to basics which I find great.  Last week we were working on perspective. Here are my quick sketches from my visual arts diary, inspired by the work of Piranesi. Obviously his interiors are much better than mine, I’m not used to drawing like this. Most of the drawing I do is doodles and life drawing.