An Army of Skeletor

I’ve been a bit slack when it comes to scanning things up. Just so I’m still sharing here is a little something that I shared with my instagram today. We’ve been working with acrylic paints for the past few weeks. Last week we were working with a monochromatic palette. This week we were working with a limited palette. For the warm up exercise that we did we didn’t have to work in this palette, but it just kind of worked out that the toy I brought in the paint fit the colour scheme of using two complimentary colours.

SkeletorOh hey there Skeletor. Nice palette you’ve got going on there.

Our warm up exercise was to paint the toy (so in my case Skeletor) 5 times, for 3 minutes each time.

Army of Skeletor

I ended up with what i have been calling “An Army of Skeletor.” It was a pretty fun exercise. One of my classmates complained that she found it a bit boring, but I quite liked her work, she just kind of started painting him however she felt like and I think that was the point of it really, just to get us loosened up and ready for the main piece that we were going to be working on.

Which was this beauty. Her name is Sascha. Or it might be Patrica, or Cher, Or Stella. We kept changing it, Rhiannon even suggested that the mannequin herself keeps changing her identity when it suits her.


I’ve been wanting to paint this darling for weeks. I finally asked Sonia if we could last week and she agreed! Of course she has just joined my pile of artworks that I need to finish. I get the feeling the mid semester break is going to be a busy one for me. Hopefully I get started on it a bit more before that though. Maybe this weekend?

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