The Segregating Sentence

Just a quick update from me again. This was one of the exercises from Tuesday night. Its the only piece that I like that I wrote.

We were looking at different kinds of sentences that we could use while writing our feature article. One of those was the segregating sentence: a series of short and grammatically simple sentences. Robert asked us to write a brief paragraph of around 100 words to describe a football game or party. Everyone wrote about a party. I wrote about a party that actually happened in a share house that I lived in about 7 years ago.




It’s Chris’ birthday. He’s 26 today. Everyone is in costume. My wig is blonde. My dress is pink. I’m Princess Peach. There are lollies in each room. All of our tv’s are on. Various consoles are plugged in. It’s like we’re kids again. Running from room to room. There’s no need to drink. We’re all high on sugar. Except for Dane. His mum made homebrew. One shot. Two Shots. Three shots. He drank too much. He’s on the floor. He’s outside. He’s lost in our street. Chris grabs him by the collar. He throws them in his room. The door is slammed. Dane is done for the night.



A name has been changed, not to protect anyone, but because both of the guys mentioned were named Chris and that was just going to make it complicated to read. Chris (or in this case Dane) didn’t actually get lost outside. That was another party guest, but I like how it fit in the paragraph.

I ended up telling one of the young girls there about some of our other funny adventures in that house. Maybe one day I’ll write some of them down, but it almost seems redundant when “He Died with a Falafel in his Hand” already exists. I’ve even been woken up at 3am by a housemate blasting Nick Cave.

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