Sorry I haven’t been updating (if anyone noticed, I’m not really sure if there is anyone sitting there holding their breathe waiting for my next update). I have so much stuff to scan. I don’t have an interesting excuse as to why I haven’t, I just haven’t felt like it. Sorry.

I’ve started my Christmas ball decorating job. Fun, glitter, stressful. So it turns out the balls are breakable. Every time a child goes near the display I tense up, someone will say “don’t touch that!” the kid touches it anyways and smash. Broken glass. But glitter!

Mostly I’m just drawing in my diary, but I’ve also been working on a candy coloured painting of one of my nude sketches. And yes of course its of Tracey. I’ve also been crocheting a little while watching tv.

Been having a bit of fun down at the gallery. There was a very successful opening the other night where I got to look at lots of paintings of skulls, eat skull shaped chocolate and drink wine while talking to people. Oh yeah and sometimes I served drinks and cleared empties. Art life is hard? Theres another opening on this Friday actually. I assume it will be much of the same, probably less skulls and I have no guarantees about the chocolate.

I’ll scan stuff soon I promise!

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