About Me

My name is Peta and I’m a Creative Arts student living in Melbourne, Australia. I’m specialising in Visual Arts and Creative Writing. I’m very much enjoying exploring and experimenting with my crafts and learning new things.

I have previously studied fashion and look forward to incorporating textiles into my art. I have been crocheting and drawing since I was a child and have recently become more interesting in cooking beyond desserts (I’ve been a cupcake master for years.)

I collect vinyl and will have a go at playing almost any instrument you put in front of me. It probably won’t sound very good, but I’ll have fun and thats the important part. Maybe I’ll take a music elective next year? Who knows.

I have a black cat named Lizzy who would probably prefer that I wasn’t studying art, she loves to sit on top of anything I’m working on, but that could also be her way of trying to help? I’m not really sure.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Peta, thank you for following me. I love your enthusiasm and energy and good luck with incorporating textiles into your work, I spent many years as a textile artist and still always have some textile related activity on the go! Sue


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