Lizzy’s Portrait

This is one of my favourite pieces that I’ve done for my visual art diary. We were given directions  to make several collages in the cubist style that we had been using in class. I was looking around my house for inspiration and found Lizzy crouched down under the coffee table. I quickly sketched her from 3 different angles before she moved, but not before several dirty looks were shot my way. It’s Lizzy’s style.


This is the only collage I have finished so far. Next week is mid semester break and I plan to finish off my artworks. It should be really fun.

Urban Landscapes

Another exercise we were asked to do in our visual diary was some quick urban landscape drawings.


This is the view from my front living room window. Kind of. None of the buildings are that bright and colourful but they are all cute little terrace houses. I’m still not the master with pastels, but I like the childlike roughness of this anyway. And if you look in the right hand corner of this one you can see Lizzy’s claw marks again. She’s always trying to art.


This is my favourite house in my street. It’s all boarded up and was previously a squat. Shortly after I finished this drawing a sign was put up to notify the local residents that it and the abandoned building next door are being knocked down to put up town houses. Sad Face.

Tracey and her Powerful Thighs

I finally made it back to life drawing last night for the first time in weeks. Last night’s model was a woman that I’ve drawn before, she’s probably my favourite model to draw. Tracey has the most amazing powerful thighs and beautiful full figure. I really love the way she holds herself and you can just tell that she loves her body. She’s so much fun to draw.

I also experimented a little with my drawings.

I brought my pastels along and had a play with them.

During the one minute poses I had a bit of fun with blind contour drawing.

This one was done with one continuous line. She looks a little stern, but she really wasn’t.

The rest were drawn fairly much the same as I always do.

The more I draw the more I improve. I need to work on my hands and faces though. Today at uni I was talking to a classmate and she told me of how during high school to practice drawing hands she used to look through magazines and draw every hand she could find. I think I might need to give this a go.

Observational Drawing

I think compressed charcoal and pastels might be my new favourite things to work with.

Just something from last Thursday’s class. We were asked to bring in a white object to draw. The only white things I own are my white hi-tops. We were then asked to draw three of the objects in one picture. That white sphere was a foam ball. As you can see I didn’t really enjoy drawing it.

The stuffed rabbit and the shoe have quite a bit of life to them, I’m really happy with how they look. That ball, not so much, it didn’t seem to matter what I did it just didn’t look right. Sonia, my teacher, even suggested I get rid of it because it just doesn’t work.