How do you solve a problem like Maria?

I really miss going to life drawing. It starts up again in a week or two. In the meantime here are some of my drawings of the model, Maria, from the last time I went to life drawing in November.

The hands are my favourite part of this sketch.




Happy New Year!

Well 2014 is almost over and I’ve finally gotten around to doing some scanning. I have so much I’m not even scanning everything today. I’m not even sure what kind of order or how or what I should share.

I’m not going to do an overview of the year, instead I’m going to share a bunch of skulls because I think besides naked people thats what I made the most art of this year. I pretty much drew the same skull over and over again.


Playing around with watercolour and charcoal.


Pencil was probably my medium of choice for 2014.


I bought some pitt pens a little while ago and they’re pretty much my new favourite thing.


I mean besides drawing skulls. Though this rainbow pencil is pretty cool too.


And sometimes I’m funny. ha. Or I try to be.

Ok thats enough for now. I’ve got to get dressed to go to a New Year’s Eve party.

The Return of Tracey’s Thighs

I’m on mid-semester break this week so I treated myself to a life drawing session tonight. And what a treat it was! The model they had lined up had bailed on them, and Tracey (my favourite!) was filled in.

It was the perfect opportunity to play with my new coloured pencils.



Urban Landscapes

Another exercise we were asked to do in our visual diary was some quick urban landscape drawings.


This is the view from my front living room window. Kind of. None of the buildings are that bright and colourful but they are all cute little terrace houses. I’m still not the master with pastels, but I like the childlike roughness of this anyway. And if you look in the right hand corner of this one you can see Lizzy’s claw marks again. She’s always trying to art.


This is my favourite house in my street. It’s all boarded up and was previously a squat. Shortly after I finished this drawing a sign was put up to notify the local residents that it and the abandoned building next door are being knocked down to put up town houses. Sad Face.

Tracey and her Powerful Thighs

I finally made it back to life drawing last night for the first time in weeks. Last night’s model was a woman that I’ve drawn before, she’s probably my favourite model to draw. Tracey has the most amazing powerful thighs and beautiful full figure. I really love the way she holds herself and you can just tell that she loves her body. She’s so much fun to draw.

I also experimented a little with my drawings.

I brought my pastels along and had a play with them.

During the one minute poses I had a bit of fun with blind contour drawing.

This one was done with one continuous line. She looks a little stern, but she really wasn’t.

The rest were drawn fairly much the same as I always do.

The more I draw the more I improve. I need to work on my hands and faces though. Today at uni I was talking to a classmate and she told me of how during high school to practice drawing hands she used to look through magazines and draw every hand she could find. I think I might need to give this a go.


I started my Bachelor of Creative Arts Industries three weeks ago and figured I should have a blog to post some of my work.

One of my classes is Painting and Drawing. We’ve really been going back to basics which I find great. ┬áLast week we were working on perspective. Here are my quick sketches from my visual arts diary, inspired by the work of Piranesi. Obviously his interiors are much better than mine, I’m not used to drawing like this. Most of the drawing I do is doodles and life drawing.